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Ensuring adequate provision of natural day light in a development can serve to improve the overall user comfort as well as providing lower energy consumption through reduced use of artificial light. Day Lighting Calculations offer the opportunity to achieve credits in the ENE 9 and HEA1 sections of the Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment.

We offer a Day lighting Calculation and reporting service backed up by recommendations on how to improve performance in a cost effective way.

Here are some points to consider before making a final choice for Day lighting Consultant:

  • We provide bespoke advice tailored to meet your needs – you can be confident that the requirements of Code for Sustainable Homes are being met.
  • All calculations, reports and support are included in our quotation – there are no hidden extras!
  • We have a track record of providing advice to clients that saves thousands of pounds - you can be sure we’re providing solutions that work for you.
  • Calculations and reports are carried out by accredited and experienced construction professionals – providing cost effective and practical solutions.

Call now to get a quote or discuss your project with one of our Energy Assessors.

What are Day Lighting Calculations?

The calculation works by ascertaining the daylight factor. This is a ratio between the luminescence (from day light) at a specific point on the plane within a room, expressed as a percentage of the luminescence received on an outdoor unobstructed horizontal plane. This calculation is based on an assumed overcast sky.

How do Day lighting calculations affect the Code for Sustainable Homes?

The calculations can be used to achieve 1 to 3 credits in Health & Wellbeing (Hea 1) in EcoHomes or the Code for Sustainable Homes. One credit can be achieved where the average daylight factor for kitchens achieves a minimum of 2%. One credit can also be achieved where the daylight factor achieves a minimum of 1.5% in lounges, dining rooms and home offices. Another credit can be met where a minimum of 80% of the kitchen, lounge, dining room and home office receives direct light from the sky.

Why choose us to carry out your Day Lighting Calculations?

We provide calculations to evaluate the levels of natural daylight in your development and offer cost effective recommendations on possible improvements to your results.

Our calculations are produced in accordance with the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and are fully Code compliant.

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