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Many Local Planning Authorities now require the use of onsite low or zero carbon technologies within new developments as a means of providing a 10 to 20% reduction of either CO2 generated or energy consumed. These targets exceed the requirement of Building Regulations and usually require an Energy Statement to be submitted as part of the overall planning application.

Our experienced Energy Assessors will guide you through the process from concept to completion, providing clear and cost effective advice throughout.

Here are some points to consider before making a final choice of Energy Assessor:

  • We provide bespoke advice tailored to meet your needs – you can be confident that the requirements of the Planning Authority are being met.
  • All calculations, reports and support are included in our quotation – there are no hidden extras!
  • We have a track record of providing advice to clients that saves thousands of pounds - you can be sure we’re providing solutions that work for you.
  • Calculations and reports are carried out by accredited and experienced construction professionals – providing cost effective and practical solutions.

Call now to get a quote or discuss your project with one of our Energy Assessors.

What is an Energy Statement?

Most local authorities now expect planning applications for all new developments to be accompanied by an Energy Statement or an Energy Strategy Report. Alongside the SAP Calculations, Energy Statements or Energy Strategy Report set out how a development can reduce its predicted CO2 emissions through the use of on-site renewable and other energy sources.

Energy Statements are based on an initiative originated by Merton Borough Council to force all development to reduce reliance on the National Grid and generate site based renewable energy, known as the Merton Rule. Energy Statements usually require a development to reduce CO2 emissions onsite by 10- 20% through the use of on-site renewable energy sources.

What does the Energy Statement contain?

This report details the site specific suitability of different renewable or low carbon technologies and how the applicant ultimately intends to meet the corresponding Local Authority’s improvement target. Energy Statements are intended to supply technical data in an accessible format. Our clear and concise reports include:

  • Baseline energy consumption
  • Baseline carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduction in site energy consumption and emissions through energy efficiency
  • Reduction in site energy consumption and emissions through efficient energy supply
  • Renewable energy pre-feasibility
  • Estimation of site emissions through use of renewable energy
  • Assessment of renewable energy obligations
  • Conclusions and recommendations

The format of the report is designed to make the achievement of the planning condition clear to the Local Planning Officer.

What standards do I need to achieve?

Unfortunately there is no national standard applied by Local Planning Authorities, nor are there national qualifying criteria which govern when such an improvement may be required. Some Planning Departments may require an improvement on all new developments, whilst others may only be concerned with schemes over a particular size. Similarly some Authorities require a 10% improvement beyond a base model whilst others require a 20% improvement.

Why appoint us to carry out your Energy Assessment?

We deal directly with the Local Planning Authority to ensure the drafting of the Statement is in line with their specific requirements. This ensures you receive a site specific Energy Statement that meets your individual planning needs.

Upon instruction, we will liaise directly with your Planning Authority in order to identify their precise requirements for the Energy Statement and the criteria under which the environmental improvement must be determined.

Our review process then includes a series of baseline calculations based upon SAP or SBEM calculations. We then undertake a detailed assessment of your proposed development to deliver the most suitable and cost-effective recommendations for meeting the Local Authority’s requirement.

Regardless of whether you require an Energy Statement for a residential, commercial or mixed-use site, we will do our utmost to work in a manner that is beneficial to you.

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